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Well, obviously the world didn't end on the 21st, which to all the people who thought it would, DO YOU FEEL PRETTY FUCKING STUPID NOW? 'CUZ YOU SHOULD. I GUESS NOW YOU HAVE TO FUCKING LIVE.

And thus, because it didn't, we had Christmas. Which kinda sucked because I slept on the couch like I always do, and my mom left all her fucking Christmas lights on (and there are many), and there was this obnoxious ticking/clicking noise (which turned out to be the timer for said lights), and this annoying beeping noise (from the phone which was ON ITS FUCKING CRADLE SO IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN DOING THAT). Long story short, I slept poorly. And at 6-something in the morning when I've otherwise given up on it and am just laying there resting, my mom comes out and leans over me (thinking I'm asleep) and UNPLUGS THEM. WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT LAST NIGHT?

By the time everyone was up and fed and ready to open presents, I was too tired to be enthused, but I did get Castle season 4 and a 12-month Xbox Live membership, as well as the bookshelf I've been wanting so I could finally unpack this fucking box that's been sitting in my loft.

My roommate also got me a 2TB hard drive, so yay, storage and back ups! With the money I received, I picked up a controller I wanted and another charging station, as well as the Tales of Vesperia movie now that I've beaten the game. Glorious dub.

Now if I can just hear back from one of these fucking jobs by the end of the year, my life would be set. This year fucking sucked, and I'm ready for it to be done.