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Rewind | Fast Forward

There is probably nothing I've seen that is more annoying than watching someone talk about how awesome a game is, and whine how they want more, and then refuse to actually PLAY THE FUCKING GAME because they're worried it might not be as awesome as they thought.

Especially when people repeatedly tell them, 'no, it actually is as good as what you're seeing, because that shit is IN the fucking game.'

Worse, WORSE, is how they won't even go watch it. What the fuck do you think YouTube is for? It would take you 30 fucking seconds to go pull up a search list full of play-throughs if you really wanted to get a feel for how it was before playing yourself, or even just to watch it without having to play yourself if you're too lazy to do so. That's practically what play-through videos are for, so you can enjoy a game you can't or don't want to play or whatever.

But no, instead you want to sit there and bitch about how awesome all these games look, instead of actually going to watch them. Online. Where you already are. For free. By dozens of people.

I will kill you.