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My backlist seems to keep growing.

So my roommate and I have agreed this is going to be a very annoying month of gaming for us. This month is apparently the one that most of the games we're looking forward to release (one of mine in just two days!), and we're already neck-deep in current playthroughs. In my case, I'm still trudging through Bravely Default, and since I recently picked up Legend of Dragoon from the PSN, I hope to get started on that soon. This is not even mentioning the six-seven other playthroughs I have to finish all in varying degrees of distance to completion.

This is also going to be a rather expensive month for me, as on top of bills, I have a figure coming up, two games on reserve, my vehicle renewal, and a personal expense to be handled at the earliest convenience.

Not fun.

Socially, one of my friends and I have had to reschedule our sleepover three times now (yes, I still do sleepovers at my age, why the hell not?), and another friend I'm trying to raise on the radar for the breakfast we promised to do.

The weather here finally seems to be taking a turn for the better. Today it was sunny and 70 and fucking beautiful. We finally managed to air out the apartment, threw open all the windows. I'll have to remember to do a full cleaning sometime this week before my next work shift. Speaking of calender reminders, I should probably post that job fair reminder somewhere...

Fandom has been killing me. Nothing that I'm into right now seems to be churning out updates or new fics. The whole thing is stale, so it's been several days of rereading favorites and digging outside my usual interests for hidden gems. Slow fandoms are by far my least favorite things. Maybe it's good my games are coming up, if this is how it's going to be.

I also realized I completely FAILED to put down any of the data for Victor & Clyde! I'm so fucking ashamed of myself! I went to pull up the doc for it and it's practically empty! All the story and gameplay and character details we spent days brainstorming, and I didn't record any of it? This is why I need to have one of those recorders with me as all times. I mean, I know I've been procrastinating with the designs, but that's because I haven't really been in a mood to draw in so fucking long, and the style the characters are going to be in isn't one of my strong suits at all, so that just discourages me more.

But the writing? I forgot that? I'm a disgrace to my creative trade.

There seems to just be a lot of shit to do, and not enough time to do it in. In reality, there's plenty of time, but I've never been proficient in efficiency or expedeancy, so I can only dread the upcoming days.