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JAWS THAT BITE (and don't let go)

All right. Let's play a game...

4 September 1987
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About me

Salutations, all you fine fellow internet whores. This is Blade. I'm a selfish, psychotic, eccentric, introverted, and utterly shameless twenty-something young woman from Dead Center. My interests include self-examination, wasting hours of my day on my computer reading, occasionally indulging in hardcore gaming, and creating/writing/drawing a plethora of original works that suck up a lot of my head space.

What will you find here? Glad you asked. Anything. Real life rants, fandom spazzing, art doodles, snippets of writing, bits of my insanity occasionally leaking through. This blog really is not limited to anything. If the mood hits me, I'll post just about anything I want that comes to mind. Because of this, a lot of random shit is going to be found here. Method to my madness, and all that.

This journal is not locked because frankly I really don't give a flying fuck who reads it, so if anything here happens to offend you for whatever reason, no, I do not apologize, and please go cry to someone else. Otherwise, feel free to browse and comment should it strike your fancy. Also be aware that bullshit and idiocy are not tolerated, so if all you intend to do is open your mouth to put your foot in it, I ask that you please bite it off while you're at it.

Have a nice day.


Anything grunge and dirty and dripping in insanity. (System of a Down, Garbage, Blink 182, Susumu Hirasawa, Origa, Tarkan, T.a.T.u.)


Godzilla, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Mirror Mask, RedvsBlue, Supernatural, Castle, DRRR!, ???


"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a burning need to go pull the shell off a snail. Pour table salt over it. Watch it bubble."


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