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Rewind | Fast Forward

Hmm, considering I'm on this site at LEAST once a week, it's been an awfully long time since I updated.

I'd like to say I started off this new year feeling healthy and sane, but that would've been a big, fat fucking lie. I can't remember the last time I felt healthy and I don't know if I've ever been sane.


Really, the only thing new in the last six months are my fandoms and the levels I've gained in my god-tier life-managing skills. Sometimes I'm so good at it I scare myself.

I'd like to spend more time this year with some of my friends really. I've become too accustomed to hiding in my loft, I should really get out more. Problem is I'm perpetually short on cash and thus stingy about gas, so trips out for anything other than necessity are uncommon. Fortunately most of my friends are gracious enough to come to me when the opportunity to hang out presents itself. Of course, one of them has kids that often tag along, and as much as I love them and as adorable as they are (the baby bird calls me 'Nina', oh god, so cute, KILL ME), there are just too many things in my apartment that are strictly NOT for children: figures, swords, small objects that look great for chewing/throwing/slamming, plenty of shelves with shiny things to climb...yeah. A nightmare. They are also very fond of their house-cat, who is good with kids and friendly, as opposed to my boys, who make for cover when someone under four feet enters the vicinity and maintain a strict 'no-touching' policy if they get too close.

Ah ha ha, ah ha. Ahhhh...so sad.

And the backlog of games to play; oy vey. I'm doing second playthroughs with at least six of them and want to start second playthroughs with four more. This does not include new games that I'm doing first playthroughs of, the most recent being Fire Emblem: Awakening. Oh my god, that game is so fucking good. I'm sure if I had it back in October when my sister and I went on our roadtrip and she asked to play my DS during the drive, she would've enjoyed that one. Then of course there's Pokemon. I am the proud owner of both X and Y, though I've only played Y. It's the first time I've picked up and played one since Red.

Yeah, a really fucking long time.

Still, let it be said it's a great time-killer for anyone, and the new bits they added have definitely stoked the fires for the series. Current fans love it, old fans (like my roommate and I) are flocking back, and new, never-played-Pokemon-before fans are coming in hordes. They clearly did something right.

I'm just now getting started on the new winter anime line-up. I feel like given all the things I watch/read/play I should be doing reviews somewhere just for the hell of it, but making a new blog for that is kinda tedious and I am notoriously lazy. Yes, my sin is sloth, I'll own up to it. I think so far my favorite is Noragami. The show is just the right side of simple and entertaining, and I never get tired of hearing anything voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi (the sole exception being that fucking squirrel thing he voiced in Brothers Conflict, fuck that thing was annoying, but that was more its' character than his voice).

Well, I suppose for the peace of mind of the many people I know who for whatever reason care about me I should look to procuring some dinner, tiresome as it is. Signing off or now!